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Founded by Raiden Swanson, LPC Online is a recognized world leader in the human resource solution industry.

The company started out small but through dedication and hard work, our capabilities and extensive database have greatly expanded, catering to different types of employment needs.

With our extensive database of professionals to choose from, companies all over the world are taking notice of our brand and services. For people who are seeking a job, we also provide guidance and training in attaining career advancement.

We offer great training and even counseling services that will definitely keep you on track with your career goals.

LPC online has its main headquarter in the USA and we’re still able to provide the same quality services to global clients and businesses. It’s our passion to connect employers and employees on both local and global levels.

We believe that hiring the wrong employees can be a very costly mistake. The company’s reputation is on the line every time an employee interacts with clients or customers. Our company exist to help companies develop a better, more secured, and more successful business.

Ensuring Safety and Security

We make sure that we help you find the right employees in order to prevent theft and unauthorized use of confidential information.

Background Checks

Your reputation is on the line if you hire someone who has prior convictions for crimes, most especially sex-related crimes. It’s our goal to ensure that your workplace is suitable for everyone and that no criminal or unqualified person will work for you.

We do credit checks, criminal histories, employment verification, education and licensure, accreditation verification, compensation history, and skills and behavior assessments.

Tips and Recommendations

Our tips and advice should help you avoid being the victim of identity theft. Know how you can easily and successfully hire the right employees. Make your business succeed by trusting the right people.