workergov - Tools that every employer should use

When it comes to HR professionals, employers and even business owners, there are a lot of options that you should use to make your work much easier. We will cover certain topics and tools that can help you out. Some of these are free, others are paid. We will cover the best options that you should use and how to use them properly.

We will cover:

  • Employment Background Check
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Compliance Software
  • Payroll

If you believe we missed something, send us a message and we’ll add it on the list.

Employment Background Check

If you are an employer in the United States this might be familiar to you, otherwise you might be baffled why would someone run a Background Check on someone else. In most other countries, this isn’t a thing, but in the US a lot of employers do Background Checks. You must make sure that the Background Checks are compliant. Easiest way to do that would be through a company. But which company should you choose? We recommend picking one from CFCW list written by author Ronald Rivas. It’s a comprehensive review.

Applicant Tracking System

If your company is scaling and you plan on getting a lot of employees you might want to consider an Applicant Tracking System software, also called ATS.

This type of software can connect various of employment sites like Monster and Indeed with your internal management system and help you track hundreds of applicants in a single cloud solution. This way you wont have to

Compliance Software

Depending on your company policies and management, you might want to consider the compliance requirements for your industries special category. This means that if you work, let’s say in Medicine or Manufacturing, then it will be super crucial for you to stay in touch with recent compliance regulation. Some state and local governments have these information available online, so you can choose between using a compliance software or checking them directly from local government sites like:

workergov - Tools that every employer should use


Payroll tools are very common in the workplace and are used by hundreds if not more companies annually. These types of tools can cover payroll, taxes, benefits, bonuses, 401ks and much more. We recommend using the most common payroll company called ADP. You can visit their website and check their plans, but most of them offer good pricing and features.

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